Science Fair 


Science Project Category Explanation


Biological:  Dealing with cause/effect relationships of living things.  Also includes chemistry of life processes, studied of diseases and health of humans and animals, or any other projects relating to plants, animals, fungi, viruses, etc…

Chemistry:  Study of nature and composition of matter and laws governing it-

Physical:  Studies involving cause and effect relationships dealing with principles of physical laws in electricity, heat, light, sound, etc.  

Engineering:  Directly applying scientific principles to manufacturing and practical uses - civil, mechanical, aeronautical, chemical, electrical, photographic, sound, automotive, marine, heating, and refrigeration, transportation, environmental engineering, robotics, etc…

Earth and Space: Dealing with astronomy, planetary science, geology, mineralogy, physiographic, oceanography, meteorology, climatology, seismology, geography, etc…

Environmental: Study of pollution (air, water and land) sources and their control, ecology

Behavioral / Social: Human and animal behavior, social and community relationships – psychology, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, ethnology, linguistics, learning, perception, etc…

Computer Science:  Involves the use of technology to create hardware and or software devices that are useful to people.

Botany:  Study of plants and their life cycle, structure, growth, processes and classification.

Science Fair, Saturday, March 11th  9:30-12 PM

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