What might the judges ask me?

How did you come up with the idea for this project? How did you decide?

What did you learn as a result from this project?

Why is this research important?

What problems did you run (if any) into while doing your experiment and how did you fix them?

How long did you work on your project?

What was the most difficult part of your project?

How did your project help you learn more about science?

What do your graphs represent? What does your data tell you?

If you had more time, what would you add to your project?

What kind of help did you get for your project?

How did you build your apparatus? How long did it take you to build?

Did you collect all the data under the same conditions?

Were there any books you used to help you analyze?

What are the three most interesting things you learned when doing this science fair project?

What will you do now that your project and research are complete?

What other kinds of projects would you like to do?

What do you plan on doing with the information and results you collected?

Will you enter the science fair again next year?

Lauren Fitzgerald,
Jan 14, 2015, 7:50 AM